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 Short part from a story

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Rika Omen

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PostSubject: Short part from a story   Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:27 am

"In the time I have lived, never have I found anything more beautiful in my life. The gentle sounds of the creek, the water rushing over the rocks and twitchs from the branches of the trees which surround it, leafs budding as the morning due sticks to each and every bud. As I sit beneath the tree, I look up and think about what life has brought us. Love, joy, happiness...sorrow...pain...and death. Oh how I have seen countless people die and yet, there wasn't anything I could do for them. So forth as I grow each passing season, I see how the world changes." Brianne read before flipping the page to the journal left by Uric Samson, the previous Head Guardian before her and one of the greatest.

The evening sun peeked through the clouds that drifted along pass, carried by the gusting winds though today, it was a gentle breeze. Brianne's big bright blue eyes read the other page, her soft lips moving to the words written long ago on the yellow aged pages. Maybe, just maybe, these words written by the man who banished away Mastermind, maybe he would have the answer on how to finally be rid of him, once and for all.

"Though death surrounds me, this land to which I have found. It warms my heart greatly, maybe I have found a home for others to grow in. Away from the suffering, away from the misery. I will reform the Guardian Kind, not to become soldiers in a war, soon to come, but to let them grow as people and see what is really good in the world. Maybe, that is what a Guardian is about. To protect our good natured futures, to rid the world of its darkness and sins. To live to forgive and ever more, forever more." Brianne stopped there and closed the book before releasing a sigh from her lips, "Peace is but a myth..." she said then looked out of the window to the passing birds.

Brianne's picked up the laughter of the younger Guardians, Lucy, Karma, and Luke. They were playing tag outside, like every other sunny day. "But then again..." Brianne thought as she stood up and walked over to her balcony which rested at a high point at the Tower, the Guardian Tower. And all too true, they were. Karma was hidding behind a tree and Luke snuck around to the other side and suprised Karma by jumping out fro around the other side. Karma screamed her surprise before laughing and running away as Luke chased her. "The innocenes of this world has long gone passed by us and yet, our future genterations will always carry a spark of it within them before it fades to dust." Those words spoken by Brianne's adopted father, Nicholas Smith, the grand Captain of the famous Bandsworth Prision Fort, "As long as we remember this, the world will never change for the fear of it will be within them and never wanting to let it go, like a child with his dying mother." Brianne's shifted over to little Kevin who sat beneath a tree, watching the others play. "Like a child with his dying mother..." Brianne repeated sadly in her mind.

She remembered Kevin's sad tale when she had 1st met him, how he was taken away from his mother by Mastermind, how mastermind used Kevin for his experiments to mend different spirits into someone's body. Brianne was surprised that Kevin's body was able to handle all that stress though even though his body surived, his mind was broken apart. Kevin couldn't understand or even feel any emotions...well at less when they 1st met. At times when he smiled, it looked hollow and meaningless but at other times, it looked real. Kevin also had grown to see Jack as a brother, Brianne thought it was because Jack was Mastermind's son wasn't was simply because Jack was Jack.

A knock on her door snapped her back to reality. Quickly turning her head to the door, she blinked and folded her arms, "You can enter." she said in a strong tone. The door opened to show Nick, Brianne smiled at him, "Welcome back, old man." she said but merely kidding. "Ie ie Brie, I am not that old." he said as he sighed, running a gloved hand through his head of dark blonde hair. Nick looked almost like a pirate you would hear about in stories. He wore an eye patch over an eye which covered his demon eye, a long burgandy coat with gold trim and buttons was wore over top of a white(ish) shirt. Nick also wore borwn pants and black boots with a buckle on both.

"I am only 43 years old." Nick argued as he closed the door. "Old enough to be told your old." Brianne walked back over to her rather messy desk and sat down, "Now what is it?" Nick walked over to her desk and took a seat, "It's about Finlay." he spoke in a dead serious voice, a voice Brianne learned to take very seriously with her life. "What about Finlay?" Brianne leaned forward, resting her elbows on the desk as she listened to Nick. "2 tribes from Finlay are going to start a war over land." Brianne's brows creased together as a slight glare formed on her face, this wasn't good. "Haven't you talked to both leaders?" but Nick nodded his head, "They won't listen to anyone who isn't in the concil of their tribe." Brianne muttered a curse as she hit a fist down onto the table, making papers and various other things jump, "Talk to the concil of both tribes, see if you can make an agreement." But Nick sighed, "I would if I could but they won't let anyone see them...err the "Elders" as they call them, unless they prove they are, and I quote, strong enough for the trial." Brianne smirked, "Well your strong enough for that...well...take Alex with you, alright? He will be able to get in to see the Elders." Nick nodded once more before standing up, "Where is Alex, by the way?" he asked Brianne who had turned to the bookcase behind her and had began looking through it to see what else that might be help to her. "Where else? The Oak Tree." Nick frowned, "He really misses them...his parents..." Brianne said. "I know...I miss them too." Nick spoke as he looked down slightly. Brianne turned to look at him, "Hey...its going to be alright. I am not going to let anyone else die on me." Brianne said then smiled at Nick who smiled back and nodded before leaving Brianne's office. Brianne pulled down a book and opened it up as she sat down at her desk, her eyes scanning the page as her lips once more moved to the words. "Mankinds hands will forever be stained with the sins of war."
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Short part from a story
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