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 Purify the Soul {Open}

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Kira Hayate

Kira Hayate

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PostSubject: Purify the Soul {Open}   Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:15 am

This land is our home, this land is our shelter. But why do you let it die?

The morning sun was rising over the mountains, ray's of light shot out to cover the land with it's heavenly glow. Warmth came to the cold, wet land of the Earth. Night animals crawled and flew their ways back to their homes. Going to sleep until the sister of the sun was to come that following night. Dew shined and would make the most perfect picture for anyone's album, or job. The ray's of light then met the forest, the dense trees leaves and trunks denied the entry of the sun until it rises further into the sky.

Although, the sense of the sun woke someone, rather than something, up actually. She laid on the ground, almost as if she belonged to the landscape that was covering this entire area. Her hair fit into the soft leafy grass ground. The ruffles of the under dress just made it fit as well. The other colours would just look like part of the landscape as something else perhaps. The sound of popping joints would alert anyone as a small, yet tall and slim figure sat up, arms stretching up above her head. A small cute yawn escaped her lips. One hand was rubbing the corner of her eye, while the other hand was flatting down the choppy cut green hair.
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Purify the Soul {Open}
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